Style is a state of mind.

tO FashioN is a vERb


A friend of mine said he didn’t understand Fashion. You’ve heard that before.

But he admitted he wasn’t immune to it, he just didn’t feel he’d ever consciously made a fashion statement. He told me he has four T-shirts and has been wearing the same model and shade of Caterpillar boots paired with fitted jeans for the past 10 years.

It was true. I glanced below the table in a bar off the canal in Kings Cross where we’d decided to meet.

But why does Fashion befuddle so many people? Isn’t fashion just how you wear your style? You can have style even when you are completely naked. Visionary Lori Goldstein says style is instinct. But Fashion… that’s an activity of acquiring, honing, preening, destroying, exploring, moulding, cutting, sharpening, sculpting…

It’s a verb. To fashion something.

His point was that these are conscious processes. They are deliberate and decided with purpose and creativity.

Perhaps Fashion is restrictive if it is a conscious activity? When we think of the institution of Fashion, we think of brands, of designers but never the activity.

Alright then. So your four Tees and and boots are not a fashion statement, my friend. But you fashion your style with these choices, nonetheless. In my book, you stylobate.

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