Style is a state of mind.


Style (noun) = a manner of doing something

Isn’t that a curious definition? Style is a verb masquerading as a noun. And in so doing, it’s quite stylish in itself, don’t you think? But when we call someone stylish, what do we mean exactly? Is there some special ingredient that makes both Mick Jagger and Audrey Hepburn both stylish?

We might remark on the style of a man tucked neatly in a corner, cross legged on a mid-century chair, for mastering the uncanny art of tilting everyone’s glance in his direction. As though the room were his-way weighted. Or perhaps there is a girl scrambling through the streets. Her hair dishevelled and her structured dress and immaculate shoe lending her lopsided walk an air of extraordinary charm. What exactly do they have in common?

Magazines and other media have been exploring all the ways these two express their style with things (clothes, accessories, make up)… all the stuff you display on the surface. Yet style, by definition, seems to be cultivated somewhere below. In a state of mind that decides what to wear and how to wear it.

Stylobate examines the foundations that underly your style by exploring how it is cultivated in your MIND, BODY, SPACE and TIME.

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